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LoD 0331 1The topic of "sustainability“ is becoming increasingly important in today's world. Therefore, we are responding to new challenges and would now like to introduce you to our future-oriented new development of ultrasonic sealing in the production area of transparent lid boxes.

• Ultrasound instead of solvents

This eliminates the need for any kind of solvent for gluing the transparent lid boxes. The welded dots leave a clean and firm impression and also style up the product. In addition to the 4-point glued lid box version, we are also happy to offer the ultrasonically welded version on request.

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The transparent "high-tech packaging" - the perfect appearance for your products

Your products are valuable. They deserve the best possible appearance and protection, user-friendly handling and optimal staging. We have a wide range of high-quality packaging designs and finishing technologies at our disposal to give your product the perfect start. With our packaging solutions, we strengthen our customers' market positioning by ensuring optimum product protection and an attractive product presentation. With clear packaging from Schäfers you will stand out from the crowd.